A story of local development

The social enterprice, La Mescolanza, was born in April 2022 as a result of a hard and elaborated process of collaboration between different realities of the third sector in Rozzano (Mi) which started in 2018 and was supported by: CSV – metropolitan city of Milan, Balzo Onlus, ARCI Curiel Aps, Agenda Community Association, Concrete Onlus, Il Melogramo Social cooperative society.


We garantee respectable and productive Jobs to which must correspond a fair salary, by ensuring workplace safety and social protection as well as opportunities for personal growth and social inclusion


We promote social inclusion to the most fragile and vulnerable and those at risk of discrimination by ensuring self-respect, dignity and community integration.


We ensure advantageous conditions in order to offer opportunities for professional growth and employment through the develpoment of our business activities

Nobody excluded

We promote the autonomy of the fragile and vulnerable by social connection and positive outcome on the local communities of the Visconti District in the south of Milan

  • Support the growth and the indipendence of the most fragile and those at risk of discrimination by creating social connection in the communities they belong to

  • Fight poverty and social exclusion by promoting inclusive policies and local activities

  • Improve people’s quality of life in their communities

  • Strengthen the role of the third sector by promoting ETS (Third Sector Enterprises) integration process

The company aims to combine professional training and educational needs offering a variety of assistance to support and help individual development
and people’s project

our team

“A group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible”